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How to Keep Your Leather Car Seats Looking New

How to Keep Your Leather Car Seats Looking New Want to make sure your car leather seats look new and feel smooth? Just follow my simple tips to protect your leather interior from becoming dull and cracked after years of wear and tear. It’s not primarily the use of your seats that causes them to wear (though this certainly plays a role). The buildup of dirt is what wears on your leather surfaces and causes them to dull. On top of that, the [...]

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How to Change Your Car Battery

Need to change your car battery? It’s easy to do if you just follow a few simple steps. Turn off your engine, make sure your vehicle is in park, and open the hood. Place a blanket or pad over the fender to protect your car from battery acid. Use a wrench to loosen the nut and bolt on the clamp that holds the battery cable on the negative terminal. It will have a “-” or “NEG” on it.  If [...]

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Wax On, Wax Off: How to Wax Your Car by Hand

Remember ‘Wax on, wax off’ from “The Karate Kid” movie?  Waxing and buffing your car can save you a bunch of money over time and prolong your paint job.  Here are a few tips to make sure you wax your car properly. Apply car wax or paint sealant in the shade so the product doesn’t dry too quickly. Always apply car wax or paint sealant to a dry vehicle. Water drops can cause streaking. Apply the thinnest coat of [...]

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How to Remove a Scratch From Your Car

See a scratch on your car? Don’t worry. Minor scratches, the ones that don’t go through the clear coat into the color, can be fixed!  All you need is a rubbing compound from your local auto supply store, some lint free cloths, and soap and water.  Then, follow the steps below. Wash the surface to move dirt. Use a lint free cloth with soap and water, then rinse soap and let dry. Next, apply a rubbing compound to the [...]

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How to Make Your Headlights Shine & Look Like New

Your headlights can become cloudy due to the plastic degrading over time from UV rays. You don’t have to replace your headlights or put up with the haze.  All you have to do is shine them up with a good cleaning. Wipe the grime off the headlights with glass cleaner or soap and water. Once the area is dry, tape around the headlights. Buy a specially designed restoration kit at any auto parts store, and follow the sanding and [...]

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How to Remove Stickers From Your Car

When it’s time to retire your bumper stickers there is a simple method to remove them.  All you need is a hair dryer!Hold the hair dryer about 6" from the sticker.Blow heat on the sticker for a minute or two.If the corner of the sticker does not start to lift try blowing heat longer.Starting at a corner, with your fingernail (or razor blade to grab the edge only) peel back a corner.Pull back, folding the corner over against the face of sticker.  Don’t [...]

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