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Suspension Repair, The Big Mistake

One of the big mistakes people make is assuming that their suspension system (i.e., struts or shocks) is mainly about providing a smooth ride, and therefore these repairs are not as important as other maintenance issues like their brakes or oil changes. However, faulty suspension can greatly affect your ability to control your vehicle, especially when you are stopping or turning. It’s also a big contributor to uneven tire wear (along with bad alignment of course) which leads to uneven tire wear and a shorter tire [...]

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Top 5 Car Care Tips

A few simple steps can help your car running smooth all summer long.  Here are the top 5 car care tips from car experts. Check and change the oil.  If you neglect to check levels or change the oil, your car engine will be ruined. Flush the cooling system and change the coolant once a year. Replace brake fluid and bleed system once a year. Protect the interior plastic and vinyl by parking in the shade or use a window screen. Check [...]

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CAR FLUIDS: The Empty Myth

Many people mistakenly believe that the only way their car can be damaged by low fluid levels is when a particular fluid runs out and is completely empty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because fluids are the lifeblood of your car, it’s critical they are always maintained at certain levels for your car to run with the least possible strain and wear. While running out of any fluid is certainly deadly for your car, just being a [...]

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Car Tune Ups & Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance and tune ups are possibly the most important factors in ensuring the longevity of your car. The last thing you want is your car breaking down on the highway when you least expect it, and regular tune ups and car maintenance help prevent this and catch scary problems early. They also help increase fuel efficiency and potentially reduce carbon emissions. What are some of the risks of not having regular car services? Oil sludge build up [...]

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The most important tip we can give you about picking a repair shop is to NOT WAIT until you need one. No one makes great decisions at the grocery store when they go hungry, and even fewer make good decisions about a car repair shop when they are in desperate need. HIGH PRIORITY TIP: Pick your auto repair shop LONG BEFORE you ever have an issue. Do your research now. Start visiting shops, speak to shop owners and employees and develop a relationship [...]

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Why Isn’t My Car Heater Working?

If your car has no heat and starts blowing cold air, it’s time to play detective.  A car heater can stop working for a number of reasons, including: A blower fan that isn’t working. A bad thermostat. Low antifreeze/water level in the radiator due to a leak in the cooling system. -oolant that is contaminated and is blocking the heating core. Here’s what I suggest you do: First, check the engine temperature If your thermostat is worn-out replace it [...]

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When Do You Need To Replace Your Brakes?

There is no clear timetable of when it’s time to replace your brakes.  Car repair experts say you need to use your eyes and ears, and rely on the advice of an experienced auto technician. Make sure the mechanic checks the brakes and brake pads when you have your tires rotates every 6 months. Listen for squeaks, squeals, and grinding.  Those noises indicate wear and tear on the brakes. When you apply the brakes when your foot goes down [...]

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How to Spot Fake Car Parts

Counterfeit parts are running rampant in the car repair industry, to the tune of $45 billion.  Fake parts are produced using legitimate companies’ logos and packaging. Most of the parts are made overseas, and have poorer quality with lower prices.  Those counterfeit parts can be used by unsavory car repair businesses. Here are a few way to spot fake parts: Inspect the packaging. Make sure it doesn’t look flimsy or have misspelled words. If the price is too good to be [...]

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What Should Be In An Emergency Car Kit?

It’s best to always be prepared for emergencies on the road or unexpected car troubles.  That’s why you should always have an emergency car kit on board at all times. You don’t need a fancy toolbox, just some simple tools and items. Spare tire Jumper cables Flashlight with fresh batteries, reflectors, and reflector triangles to make your stopped vehicle visible on the road. Snow and ice equipment: scraper, shovel, de-icing fluid. Clean rags to wipe oil or transmission dipstick. [...]

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