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Detail Your Car Like a Pro:  10 Best Car Cleaning Tips

Want to detail your car like a pro? Here are some quick and simple DIY car detailing tips and tricks. Wash your car weekly by hand or local car wash. Use car wash soap, not regular dishwashing liquid found in your kitchen. Roll down the windows halfway and wipe grime off the top of the windows. Use a clay bar to remove embedded pollution from paint and for a smooth finish. Get a mirrored finish by using a synthetic [...]

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Wax On, Wax Off: How to Wax Your Car by Hand

Remember ‘Wax on, wax off’ from “The Karate Kid” movie?  Waxing and buffing your car can save you a bunch of money over time and prolong your paint job.  Here are a few tips to make sure you wax your car properly. Apply car wax or paint sealant in the shade so the product doesn’t dry too quickly. Always apply car wax or paint sealant to a dry vehicle. Water drops can cause streaking. Apply the thinnest coat of [...]

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Why Isn’t My Car Heater Working?

If your car has no heat and starts blowing cold air, it’s time to play detective.  A car heater can stop working for a number of reasons, including: A blower fan that isn’t working. A bad thermostat. Low antifreeze/water level in the radiator due to a leak in the cooling system. -oolant that is contaminated and is blocking the heating core. Here’s what I suggest you do: First, check the engine temperature If your thermostat is worn-out replace it [...]

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8 Best Holiday Gifts For Aspiring Mechanics

Holiday shopping for  someone that is mechanically inclined? Check out these holiday gift ideas that are perfect for those who like to tackle automotive projects! 1. Pocket Light  (brightens dark work spaces) 2. Cordless Drill  (compact and easy to handle for automotive repair) 3. Automotive Tool Sets (complete with wrenches and pliers) 4. Jack and Jack stands (hydraulic jacks to get underneath the car) 5.Mechanic’s Gloves (comfy and practical gloves to protect your hands while working) 6. Car Care [...]

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Best Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers & Enthusiasts

Need to get something special for a car lover this holidayseason?! Never fear, help is here! Check out these top gifts for car enthusiasts. Sirius XM Radio Subscription Jump Starter Battery Packs Performance Tires Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Heated Massage Cushion Car Dice for the rearview mirror These cool car gifts can be found online or automotive parts store.  If you need some help finding the perfect car gift, let the [...]

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How to Remove a Scratch From Your Car

See a scratch on your car? Don’t worry. Minor scratches, the ones that don’t go through the clear coat into the color, can be fixed!  All you need is a rubbing compound from your local auto supply store, some lint free cloths, and soap and water.  Then, follow the steps below. Wash the surface to move dirt. Use a lint free cloth with soap and water, then rinse soap and let dry. Next, apply a rubbing compound to the [...]

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Remove Dead Bugs From Your Car With Dryer Sheets

One of the downsides of a road trip is the sight of dead insects on the front end of your car! The longer you leave the bugs stuck to your car, the harder it is to remove them. They can even damage your paint!  Dryer sheets to the rescue!  You can use dryer sheets (that’s right - the ones you use with your laundry) to wipe away those pesky splattered insects!  Dryer sheets are safe for your car, and [...]

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When Do You Need To Replace Your Brakes?

There is no clear timetable of when it’s time to replace your brakes.  Car repair experts say you need to use your eyes and ears, and rely on the advice of an experienced auto technician. Make sure the mechanic checks the brakes and brake pads when you have your tires rotates every 6 months. Listen for squeaks, squeals, and grinding.  Those noises indicate wear and tear on the brakes. When you apply the brakes when your foot goes down [...]

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How to Spot Fake Car Parts

Counterfeit parts are running rampant in the car repair industry, to the tune of $45 billion.  Fake parts are produced using legitimate companies’ logos and packaging. Most of the parts are made overseas, and have poorer quality with lower prices.  Those counterfeit parts can be used by unsavory car repair businesses. Here are a few way to spot fake parts: Inspect the packaging. Make sure it doesn’t look flimsy or have misspelled words. If the price is too good to be [...]

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How to Make Your Headlights Shine & Look Like New

Your headlights can become cloudy due to the plastic degrading over time from UV rays. You don’t have to replace your headlights or put up with the haze.  All you have to do is shine them up with a good cleaning. Wipe the grime off the headlights with glass cleaner or soap and water. Once the area is dry, tape around the headlights. Buy a specially designed restoration kit at any auto parts store, and follow the sanding and [...]

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